Kibera Production is an independent production company based in Stockholm, Sweden. The company was founded by Nadia Dyberg in 2010. We produce articles, books and creative and investigative documentaries for Swedish and international press and television. We focus on strong and important stories that provoke thought and emotion, commenting on our times and society. We highlight amazing and inspiring people and we tell their stories.   Kibera Production is always looking for new interesting partners and cutting edge ideas to tell stories and make documentaries that matter. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Nadia Dyberg has a background as an economist for the Swedish Government before she turned to her true calling: journalism. She was a news reporter for Sweden’s daily Dagens Industri, also editor and feature writer for DI Weekend. After 11 years she decided to be freelance and focus on documentary filmmaking.

Filming documentary in Oslo.  Gunhild Stordalen – Min fight. Film photographer Loa Bie is fixing the drone camera while director Nadia Dyberg is keeping an eye out for the police.

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